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Looking after our mental health during the pandemic and beyond

More than two-thirds of adults in the UK (69%) have reported feeling somewhat or very worried about the effect Covid-19 has had on their life. The most common issues affecting wellbeing are worry about the future, feeling stressed or anxious and feeling bored.
So, how can we protect our mental health during this time and in the uncertain future? Here are a few ideas to help us manage.

We all do it without giving it much attention – but when we really pay attention to our breathing, we begin to build resilience to stress, anxiety, and anger. Follow the link for a simple guide to mindful breathing .

The Ramblers say that walking has many benefits:
- it improves wellbeing and helps fight stress and depression
- like other physical activities, walking releases endorphins which improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety.
- Walking helps control weight and helps improve our body image and confidence,
- we feel fitter.
- Active people have a reduced risk of suffering clinical depression.
- Spending time in the outdoors and in contact with the natural environment – for example by walking in parks, woodland and green spaces – can have a positive effect on mental health (see below).
Source: The Ramblers

Awe walks
Researchers at the University of California and Trinity College, Dublin, have found that weekly 15-minute (yes, really!) “awe walks” helped relieve negative moods and improved happiness among study participants who reported increased positive emotions and less distress in their daily lives.
For more information and How To Do It, follow this awe walk link.

How to Manage Your Worries
'How to Manage Your Worries' is a quick and easy guide on how to cope with the things you worry about.

People you could get in touch with
Samaritans 116 123
Whatever problems you are facing Samaritans are always there to listen.

CALM Campaign Against Living Miserably 0800 58 58 58
This is a Helpline for men (and women) of all ages. It is open from 5pm until midnight 365 days a year.

Silverline 0800 470 80 90 offers information, friendship and advice for older people all day, every day.

Childline 0800 11 11
This helpline is currently available from 7.30 - 3.30 Mon - Fri and 9.00 - 3.30 Sat & Sun. Go online for one-to-one chat at

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"A thought to help us through these difficult times: be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."
Rev Dr John Watson 1850 –1907, writing as Ian Maclaren

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Have Courage And Be Kind #RAKDay

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